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BLOOD MAGIC – SoulTracker #1


I rested against the pillows and opened the bag. Just the action of baring the tooth to the air was enough to start me up. The tooth helped – plenty of feedback from the child, which was a good thing. It meant I’d be able to piggyback on the tangible link between Samantha and what was essentially part of her body.

I tipped the incisor onto the bare skin of my palm and was slammed back into the pillows, as hard as taking a punch to the gut. The link was strong – the regular thud of a heartbeat assured me immediately that the girl was alive. I didn’t have time to enjoy the relief. The next thing I smelled was blood and I didn’t dare to imagine what that meant. All I could sense was a rich odor, coppery aftertaste.

I couldn’t be sure the blood didn’t belong to the girl and I couldn’t be sure it did, so no sense in panicking. Wherever Samantha Cross was right now, she was alive.

But it didn’t mean she’d stay that way.  


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