Blood Moon Preoder is Live

❤️❤️ COVER REVEAL! ❤️❤️

Book 5 in the SoulTracker Series BLOOD MOON now has a stunning cover by Daniĕl Priègo

Melisande Morgan must do everything in her power to save Saleem. Enlisting the help of Kailin, Nerina and the team, Mel must enter the djinn plane, risking the lives of those she cares about in order to save the man she loves.
But betrayal and lies lurk everywhere, and Mel most of all knows her own guilt. But first, she must save Saleem. Then she must face the consequences.

Note: If you are reading SoulTracker and SkinWalker series please note that Blood Moon (SoulTracker 5) should technically be read before Grave Debt (SkinWalker 7) as it is Saleem’s story. If you read Grave Debt first, you will go into Blood Moon with major spoilers.

Previously I advised you read the SkinWalker novel first and then the SoulTracker novel, mainly because it was all about Kailin’s missions and Mel popping in to help out when needed. For Blood Moon and Grave Debt, it’s the other way around.

For more information please check out the Reading Order at my web site.


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