Joshua III  (Einherjar – A Dead Chaos Companion Novel) is coming out soon! To whet your tastebuds,  here is a short excerpt!

An excerpt: JOSHUA 3: Einherjar

“Don’t we already know they killed hundreds of einherjar because of me?” she asked, her tone cool.
Bryn’s response hit Joshua like the very left-hook he’d wanted to deliver to Aidan.
Joshua snapped his gaze over at her. “Bryn, that’s stupid,” he replied, his eyes narrowed and hard. “They died because Loki and Dr. Lee teamed up to find the means to destroy Odin’s mighty army.” Joshua couldn’t believe Bryn was allowing herself to think that she was the reason those warriors had died.
Worse, Aidan was doing nothing to stop her from thinking that way.
“So, what’s so bloody dangerous about my blood, anyway?” Bryn asked, a cold amusement in her tone.
“Your blood is only a part of it. It’s ingenious really.” When Aidan finally did speak, he wasn’t thinking of comforting Bryn. Instead, he was marveling at the deadly substance.
Aidan’s voice exuded admiration and everyone in the room turned to stare at him. Pity the guy had no clue; his attention was so focused on the data on the PC monitor that he’d barely even raised his head.
Joshua had to steel the urge to deliver the blow he’d been wanting to since Aidan had first opened his mouth. Fingers curled into tight fists and then Joshua caught Aimee sending him a warning glare.
Aidan leaned forward slightly, eyes scanning the lines of the report on the screen. “Another substance seems to act as a carrier. Together, the poison is the perfect biological weapon against the einherjar.”
“You sound impressed,” said Bryn. Though she’d kept her tone neutral, the hurt in Bryn’s eyes was clear. So in-your-face obvious that Joshua was floored when Aidan didn’t even appear to notice.
“Of course, I’m impressed, Bryn—”
Joshua stiffened, shocked at the audacity of the asshole. It was probably the silence in the room that made Aidan pause to look up at Bryn, and then pale as it finally hit him.
But when he said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way,” Joshua knew that even if Aidan understood, he was genuinely impacted by Bryn’s feelings.
Before Joshua could say anything, Aimee spoke. “Maybe you can explain how you meant it?” Her question dripped with ice and disgust as she glared at him coldly.
The room remained silent as everyone waited for Aidan’s response.
And still, it didn’t seem to hit home. He merely glanced at the PC and said, ”I only meant they would’ve had to work long and hard to figure out how to use Bryn’s blood this way,” Aidan said, his tone urgent as they he was trying to convince them all that he was right. “There’s a lot of in-depth research here. They were methodical, precise. The data shows it.”
Aimee’s spine stiffed and for a moment it it seemed she didn’t know what to do with her hand. If Joshua knew any better, she was struggling to stop herself from punching Aidan in the face.
She’d have to wait in line.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little of Joshua’s fury!

Joshua III is coming soon so click to pre-order and be the first to read the third installment in the Joshua series!



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