Gods Ascendent Excerpt

“Vee knocked on Syama’s door, tapping her feet as she waited. A minute passed, and Vee let out a frustrated grunt. She knocked again and glared at the door.
“One knock will do. Did someone lose their patience today?”
Vee flinched at the voice that came from next to her left shoulder, sighed deeply, then turned to glare at the hellhound. “Do you have to shock the living daylights out of me?”
Syama frowned, her nose crinkling. “I never could understand that phrase. What happens if you shock a person in the middle of the night…like now? Is it called living nightlights?”
Vee heaved a second heavy sigh and grabbed Syama’s arm. “I’m tired, I’m grumpy, and I’m supposed to be dead like two times over already. Please just take me to the Lucky Clover before I knock the living nightlights out of you.”
Syama chuckled, and her form began to shimmer. Vee held tightly to her arm as the hellhound shifted through the planes and reappeared inside the alley across the road from the Lucky Clover.”


Aspara-Ebook-Series-4book 12Sep18

The Apsara Chronicles

Immortal Bound

Gods Ascendant 

Dominion Falling


AP3 29Jul18

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