Join Vee’s supernatural adventures in THE IMMORTAL BOUND (THE APSARA CHRONICLES #1)

Against thrising horde of the underworld, the Gods have one weapon: Vee Shankar. Special Agent. Supernatural CSI.

Beneath New York’s cosmopolitan veneer lies a darker truth—a concrete jungle of the supernatural kind. But humanity is protected, their souls guarded by powerful ancient Gods.

Vee deals in death—demons, evil spirits, possessions, and even the odd rogue God or two. But Vee’s power to read life essences is both a gift and a curse. She’s a Warrior of the Gods, but she’s also in the crosshairs of powerful demonic forces. And from the shadows, dark things come, dogging her every step, threatening her every move.

Vee doesn’t know it, but her power means more than just a quirk of her DNA. Her true identity is a secret better left untold. But as both her alliance with a mystery informant and her strange powers grow, Vee must confront a truth that will make her question her very existence.

Before all hell breaks loose.




The Apsara Chronicles

Immortal Bound

Gods Ascendant 



Blood Moon: Betrayal, lies & a path to her destiny.

Mel faces the worst of her struggles yet in BLOOD MOON as she journeys to Mithras, realm of the mystical and powerful Djinn.

Mysteries abound, new friendships are made, old ones are tested to breaking point, and keep an eye out for appearances by characters from RETRIBUTION – Chronicles of the Irin 1

Blood Moon Release Graphic 1

Chapter 1 follows:

#spoiler warning: Crossover scene with Fate’s Edge – SkinWalker 6 so if you’re reading that series first and don’t want spoilers, stop here, read Fate’s Edge and come right back.


The minivan rocked beneath our feet as Kailin and I landed in shadowed interior of the back of the vehicle, the heels of my boots sliding on the ridged metal floor.

Kai’s shudder was only a manifestation of my own feelings toward the claustrophobic tomb-like space that reeked of rubber and oil.

After my recent jaunt in New Orleans, and my recent freedom from the evil spirit that had been an all too heavy burden to bear, both on my mind and my body,  I’d taken a few days to recover. but what with the death of my friend and mentor, Samuel Fontaine—or murder, if my suspicions were correct—weighing so deeply on my mind, I was happy to lend a hand where needed and occupy my thoughts with something more practical. Especially if said helping hand would be returning the favor very soon.

When I’d turned into such a mercenary bitch, I had no idea.

I was helping skinwalker Kai on an unusual mission, one that was a surprising change of pace in that this time, the alpha panther’s own life was at stake. Previously, when she’d called on me for help, she’d been running off to save other people, so being roped in to assist in saving the woman herself as was a refreshing change.

Threatening letters and attempted abductions had culminated in Kai being framed for the murder of one of the higher ranking officials in the Walker Council. After emergency surgery—not a huge issue for a powerful alpha like Kai–she’d been sequestered at the Chicago PD’s headquarters where the decision was made that she be extract if she wanted to keep breathing.

Dangerous forces were in play, and with the reappearance of the supposedly dead Agent Jones of Division 7, Kai was forced to hide out, in order to draw the assassins out of the shadows and so she could remain alive long enough to find out what in the hell was going on.

Additionally, the public theory leaked courtesy of the FBI–that Kailin herself was some sort of scientific experiment on the loose–had resulted in overzealous reporters and hired mercenaries on her tail, the latter being of the abducting asshole kind.

The–perhaps even more distasteful–alternative was that the collected contingents of assailants, abductors and attempted murderers were targeting Kai because she was Nia’mh. So far though, it appeared they were only aware of Kai. If you counted the attempt of the Shadowman to kill me in NOLA, then perhaps they were aware of me too.

So she’d called in the troops to help her avoid these unseen, unknown variables, and to help understand who they were and why they were after her in particular.

Helping her stay alive was a small side-benefit.

Still, it wasn’t as if Kai was doing nothing while keeping her head down. And now, we were in the middle of a brilliant ruse, tricking Kai’s assailants into following a decoy. Fake-Kailin—aka Cassandra Monteith, the ShapeChanger—was currently posing as Kai in order to draw away the nefarious elements so we could spirit the panther to safety before Shadowmen or Division 7 agents got their hands on her.

We’d barely materialized in the back of the minivan—situated outside Kelpie & Co, an awesome little ice-cream play a few blocks from the CPD—when a somewhat high-pitched voice came from the driver’s seat. “I was expecting you,” he said, giving a short laugh, startling both Kai and myself. “But just not like that.” The man’s voice was filled with nervous amusement, and yet his tone echoed the edginess that had haunted me for the last hour or so.

My shifter friend blinked and glanced toward the cop who was her assigned driver, her green feline eyes glowing in the darkened interior of the van. “Sorry,” Kai said, waving at him in greeting and apology. “You ready to leave?” she asked, clearly not wanting to waste time on chatting, or on hanging about any longer than was required.

I understood her need to keep moving. Like me, she was undoubtedly questioning how truly loyal this man was to Chief Murdoch. Betrayal seemed to be quite fashionable these days.

Especially among the creatures of the DarkWorld.

And though Chief Murdoch may be all-too-human, he was still neck deep in the supernatural world—his Mind Mage wife notwithstanding. The Chief had helped Kai from the start of her troubles, and though he was overstepping his human, and not to mention his legal—authority, he’d been all too happy to instigate the plan to get our favorite alpha shifter to safety.

“Ready when you are, ma’am,” the cop replied, turning to tug at his seatbelt.
As the belt clicked, I released Kai’s arm, a ripple of discomfort, mingled with concern, riding a wave through my body. I’d held onto her as though she were about to disappear—but who could blame me for being worried?

Not worried, Mel. Afraid. Be honest.

So I was afraid too. Considering I had a crapload of things to be worried about, main point of concern being a certain djinn who was imprisoned in his palace back in the Mithras.

Saleem was waiting for the team to gather and come to extract him. And Kai was part of that team, so she’d damned well better remain breathing.

Now, Kai glanced back at me, seemingly oblivious of my inner turmoil. “Thanks, Mel,” she said, her voice low now. She looked like she wanted to say something more, but I evaded her eyes—which were usually all-too observant—and retrieved a notebook and pen from my jacket pocket.

Holding  them out to Kai, I said, “If you want to send me a message, just write it here. Don’t use your mobile phone, just in case.”

The notepad—an ingenious trick I’d learned from Samuel—was the best way I knew how to circumvent any cameras or listening devices discovering our communication. Hopefully they would help when Kai needed updates—because we all knew how the alpha shifter loved to remain on top of things.

“Thanks, Mel,” Kai said, her head bobbing although her expression seemed somewhat distracted. That I could totally understand.

Her world had fallen apart around her.

We’d all been through the ringer these last few months and I was beginning to wonder when it would all end. The landscape kept shifting, betrayal seemed to lurk around every corner, and it almost felt as if the very air held a warning that something was about to happen, something huge.

If it had anything to do with the Niamh, the prophesied five who would save the world—no pressure or anything—then I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprise. That mysterious letter had turned up with its strong prediction, bit with a very disappointing lack of a manual, or even a mentor to tell us what was. Required of us.

It often made me wonder if it was all just a joke.

Now, all I wanted to tell Kai was that everything would be okay, and that she didn’t have to worry. But—because I was merely an astral projector and jumper and not a seer—I merely said, “Pleasure. Just make sure you stay safe.”

I hesitated, Saleem’s face hovering in from of my vision. Kai had to back me up, so for Saleem’s sake as well as mine, she’d better be okay.

I took a ragged breath and said, “I need you to help me with Saleem.” I winked, trying to make things a little less tense, a little less demanding than the way the words had come out sounding. Then I took a step away from Kai, readying myself for the jump.

She grinned, her eyes sparkling at the mention of Saleem. “I will. Don’t worry. I’m going to be right beside you when we go bring home the djinn,” she assured me, her tone serious now as her amusement faded to be replaced by worry and fear for Saleem.

I knew I could trust her to help me, to help Saleem, which was such a relief. Kai had a history with the djinn anyway, they’d been friends even before I’d met him, so I knew that she, along with Logan, would also be invested in making sure Saleem remained alive and breathing.

Still, I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to be able to wait before I lost it and ran off to Mithras without backup. Which would probably be a very bad thing to do.
“Gonna hold you to it,” I said, giving Kai a comforting smile.

Then, with a quick wave, I jumped away from the minivan, keeping my fingers mentally crossed that the mission would go as planned.

PREORDER BLOOD MOON (SoulTracker 5) releasing 30th JUNE 2018

In case Blood Moon is your first exposure to The SoulTracker Series and you want to catch up, below are the links to check out the rest of the series.






Also, don’t forget that the SoulTracker Series is part of the DarkWorld Universe. Explore the DARKWORLD UNIVERSE TIMELINE on my website to find out which books you’ve read and where they fit within the timeline of the other series: SkinWalker Series and the Chronicles of the Irin.

Oh, and be warned… More series coming soon!


Wings, Swords & Norse Gods

DR Promo image


Haven’t started the series?

Dead Radiance

Dead Embers

Dead Chaos

Dead Wrath

Dead Silence



Will our favorite SoulTracker make the ultimate sacrifice?

Melisande Morgan faces a battle in BLOOD MOON, but she has little idea what it will entail as she gathers her team together and plans her mission to the Djinn Realm.

Amidst budding romances and shocking revelations, we find our team struggling to save the heir to the Djinn throne, while ensuring their mission to Mithras is not a one-way trip.

Here is an excerpt from the first few chapters.

(Be warned: this way leads to unedited words… and a sort-of-kind-of spoiler. XXXs hide the details…)

I stared at Steph, and remained unmoving until she glanced over at me briefly. Then, eyes back on the road, she said, “So what? It’s not as if I’m about to head off into the sunset with him and go make a brood of XXX babies. I’m pretty sure that must be illegal somewhere.”

I frowned at that then shook my head. “Well, as long as you go in eyes open, Steph. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

She shrugged, pretending nonchalance though her jaw clenched a fraction; just enough to negate her feigned indifference. “It goes where it goes. For all I know, it’s just a crush and he’ll snort or fart or something, and I’ll be grossed out and wouldn’t want to see him again.”

I cleared my throat. “Er…that brings me to my next question.”

“Which is?” Steph gave me a wary glance, then focused on the road again.

“About XXX(his kind). Are they all…I mean…is everything accounted for…you know,” I said waving a hand at my lap while trying, and failing, to hide a smirk.

“Shut up, Mel. That’s gross.” Clearly she’d caught my crude gestures out of the corner of her eye. Her peripherals seemed to be working just fine.

“What’s gross?” I asked, eyes wide and innocent. “Hanky-panky? Knocking boots? Horizontal lambada? Boin—”

“Mel!” Steph yelled, her eyes rounded as she glared at me.

“Eyes. Road,” I said firmly, hiding my grin for a paltry three seconds. “Sorry, Steph. I couldn’t help it. I mean, seriously, I don’t know anything about the anatomy of XXX(his kind). Not certain I’d be able to offer big-sisterly advice you know. Birds and the bees and all….”

XXX: spoiler-care 😉

If you have read Fate’s Edge, then you need to know that in Blood Moon Mel reveals what happened to her during her mission to help Kailin stay alive. Want to avoid spoilers? Read Fate’s Edge before you jump into Blood Moon.

PREORDER BLOOD MOON (SoulTracker 5) releasing end JUNE 2018

In case Blood Moon is your first exposure to The SoulTracker Series and you want to catch up, below are the links to check out the rest of the series.






Also, don’t forget that the SoulTracker Series is part of the DarkWorld Universe. Explore the DARKWORLD UNIVERSE TIMELINE on my website to find out which books you’ve read and where they fit within the timeline of the other series: SkinWalker Series and the Chronicles of the Irin.

Oh, and be warned… More series coming soon!



I’m currently working on getting Blood Moon and Grave Debt both lined up for release. It’s been interesting as we see more of Nerina and Saleem in both these books. And of course the zoom in on Nerina is just a taste of what you will get when her series (DeathTalker) is released later this year.

🎉GRAVE DEBT is on PreOrder 🎉

Grave Debt: A SkinWalker Novel #7

DarkWorld: SkinWalker

Kailin Odel drops everything to help her friend Mel Morgan. But helping Mel isn’t the main reason. Saleem’s friendship means the world to her, and she’d give her life to save him.

The only problem is Logan. Unable to get word to him of the danger Saleem is in, Kai returns to Drakys to enlist his help. Time is short and Logan must decide between running his kingdom and saving the life of his best friend.

The tension mounts in this 7th book in the SkinWalker series, as friends place their lives on the line, and lovers risk heartbreak, all hoping that the risks will all be worth it in the end.




Haven’t started the series?



#1.5 PYROS







Want to check out the DARKWORLD UNIVERSE Timeline?




Dark Sight: A Dark Sight Novel #1

Three months until humanity is annihilated.

That’s what Allegra Damascus’s visions tell her. Seeing into the future should have been awesome. In stead, it’s all blood, horror, and the end of the world. Worse, discovering her true identity as a descendent of the famed Oracle of Pythia puts Allegra squarely in the government’s sights—and the New Germanic States will stop at nothing to control her newfound power.

Maximus Vissarion offers Allegra safety from deadly attackers, killer storms, and worse. But once he starts questioning his own general’s motives, Max realizes that not only the world but also his heart are on the line. And he’s not even certain where his loyalties lie.

Allegra’s Dark Sight is the key to saving the world—but only if they can find the right lock. The clock is ticking.

Three months to figure it out, or everyone dies.

From the Author

T.G. Ayer — — Fantasy

Toni Vallan — — Contemporary

What happened to Mel on the mission to save Kailin in Fate’s Edge (SW6)?

If you have read Fate’s Edge, then you need to know that in Blood Moon Mel reveals what happened to her during her mission to help Kailin stay alive. Want to avoid spoilers? Grabe Fate’s Edge first.

PREORDER BLOOD MOON (SoulTracker 5) releasing end JUNE 2018

In case Blood Moon is your first exposure to The SoulTracker Series and you want to catch up, below are the links to check them out.






Also, don’t forget that the SoulTracker Series is part of the DarkWorld Universe. Explore the timeline on my website to find out which books you’ve read and where they fit within the timeline of the other series, SkinWalker and Irin.

Oh, and be warned… More series coming soon!



🎉 Shadow sight is here! 🎉


Allegra’s visions lead the team on a trail across the world, to a disaster that is not all that it seems. The infamous Lord Langcourt hasn’t given up on his quest to kill the last surviving Oracle of Delphi, and Allegra must evade his attempts, all while trying again to avoid an armageddon-like disaster event.

When help does come, Allegra must decide if she can take the risk to trust. But in the bigger picture, such a leap of faith is minute, especially when considering Allegra also seeks the truth of who she is and when she comes from. Still, the truth is much stranger than it seems, and Allegra must gather both her strength and her team in order to see it to the end.

No matter the cost.


Shadow Sight is Live! Plus Excerpt!

I’m so excited that this last book in the first arc of the Oracle series is finally here! I totally love this cover. And, I’ve added a chapter below for you to check it out.









Chapter One

Water. What had once given Allegra Damascus a sense of peace and safety, was now about to kill her.

Until recently, Allegra had sought a sense of tranquility, a semblance of serenity in immersing herself in water whether it be the pool at her home in the Venara Hills in Fornia, or in the waters of the Endless Sea along the Fornia coast.

Of course, that was only until the god Neptune had attempted to kill her.

Memories of that awful night returned, flooding her mind and Allegra was again trapped within the dark waters of the Endless Sea, waves surging around her as some inexplicable force pulled her deeper and deeper into blackest depths of the ocean.

And now, again, Allegra was trapped beneath the waves, so far beneath the surface that had she been able to see out into the ocean’s depths, she knew she’d have no sight of anything, least of all the surface.

Thankfully, her black pants and skintight sweater hadn’t made things any worse for her.  But her military-issue boots had weighed her down, the laces grown so thick, engorged with water, that all her attempts at opening them had failed. She’d resorted to slicing through the ties with her bejeweled dagger, though she’d winced at the time, wondering what Aurelia would have thought of such a menial use for the beautiful weapon.

Allegra blinked, then moved her hand to brush the hair floating around her head out of her eyes. Her long dark blonde locks trailed around her face, like strands of seaweed attempting to engulf her, to suffocate her.

She was trapped in a cabin, aboard the Lady Makara, a ship that had turned out to be a pirate vessel. Allegra was not surprised that the rickety, rust-bucket had ended up blowing an engine, taking on water, and slowly sinking to the seabed. The explosion had been an accident waiting to happen, and more perhaps a curse upon the traffickers who’d lured good, hard-working people into their filthy traps with lies and promises of a better life.

Allegra was glad she wasn’t a god, because she would not have hesitated in striking the men responsible down with a single flick of a finger.

With her lungs pulsing, screaming for air, and her body convulsing, Allegra shook her head, unable to hold out even a second longer. She pushed upward, using the corner of the captain’s desk to kick off hard, and her body moved through the shadowed water, floating upward until she reached the roof of the cabin. The sinking Lady Makara, which had tilted at a slight angle as it drifted to the seabed, had serendipitously provided Allegra with her only means with which to stay breathing and alive. Caught in the corner of the cabin was a precious pocket of air which Allegra was currently using as sparingly as possible, biding her time in the hopes that someone would come for her.

That someone was more than likely going to be Max.

As much as Allegra had to admit she dreaded seeing him again, she had to also accept that there was no other man she’d want to be the one to pluck her from the depths and wrap his arms around her.

“Snap out of it, Allegra,” she muttered silently. “You’re showing sure signs of delirium.”

Max Vissarion was going to be furious with her. Echoing in Allegra’s mind was Max’s voice as he’d demanded she remain at home on Aurelia’s estate in the Charrúa Ranges of Argentina, as he’d insisted her presence was not required to facilitate the rescue of the refugees.

“It’s not necessary for you to accompany us, Allegra,” Max had insisted, his dark eyes flashing as he’d attempted to reason with her. “Surely you see that I’m not being unreasonable. Your life is worth a hundred of ours. Let us go and save those people. Your vision was clear enough for us to know the dangers they faced, clear enough that we can avert the disaster.”

Max’s face had darkened with anger and frustration, and he’d let out a frustrated groan when Allegra had merely shaken her head in response before saying, “I’m coming, Max. Don’t try to stop me.”

Now, Allegra let out a relieved sigh as she broke the surface and expelled a long-stale breath. She craned her neck and lifted her face clear of the water. Taking a few deep breaths, Allegra sank again—fueled again by re-oxygenation and renewed hope—then swam toward the door to the cabin.

Allegra grabbed the handle and tugged as hard as she could, blinking as her movements made her hair float forward around her face, the strands fanning out and teasing her face and eyes. She shook the hair away and pulled again, eyes bugging as she tugged with the desperation of someone who knows that death is imminent.

In most cases, Allegra herself would have been the one to insist they keep going, to demand they not stop until they’d reached their goal, saved the people she’d seen dying horrible deaths in some disaster or tragedy. But today, she was all out of pep talks, all out of passion and determination.

Another tug, and then another—Allegra strained hard, ignoring the stabbing in her lungs as she put all her strength behind the force of her pull. But the door still wouldn’t budge. She let out a groan that burst from her lips in a flotilla of bubbles that drifted and swirled all the way to the ceiling.

Allegra slammed a fist against the cabin door and pushed off again, surging up to the ceiling. She broke through the surface and then gulped in the air, taking deep breaths as she forced herself to calm down. She was about to take her final breath when everything around her shuddered, a low groan reverberating within the cabin. The ship tilted to the side a little more, and then with another growling shudder, it began to slide. Panic engulfed Allegra as she kicked hard to get to the air pocket again, to grab one last breath before she lost her chance altogether.

The ship shook violently now, tilting further on its side. And then the pocket of air was gone.

Allegra let out a muffled cry and floated away, her back thudding softly against the bulkhead. She closed her eyes and thought about the people she and Max and Athena had saved. She’d done her duty. Wasn’t that all that really mattered?

It wouldn’t matter if she died. As long as all those innocent people were safe.




Cursed Sight

Cursed Sight: A Dark Sight Novel #2

An entire city faces destruction.

Allegra, with Max at her side, follows her visions to Peru to save an entire city from catastrophe. But faced with an unhelpful government and a corporate conspiracy, they find themselves blocked, and having to turn to an unlikely ally.

Their efforts are further hampered by a vicious enemy who will stop at nothing to kill Allegra and all of her bloodline.

Allegra’s Cursed Sight take an unusual turn, giving her visions that allow her to understand the motivations of her nemesis, but first she must evade his assassins in order to survive.

And survive long enough to save a million people.

Book 2 in the DARK SIGHT Series


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