What Readers are saying about Dead Radiance:

“The plot was also excellent. The story line, how it came about, what she learned about herself, there was always something going on, finding out new things and facing challenges, I was never bored – the pacing was great and it was jam packed with information on the mythology involved. This is one of those books where you can tell the author has put a huge amount of effort and research into combining all the elements that have gone into making this story believable and educating the reader in Norse mythology backing it up with evidence all the way. It was great to read something other than Greek mythology and the Norse has really got me curious.” – Melanie (Book Passion for Life). Read the Amazon review.

“This book was so awesome! I have not read a Valkyeri book before and this was such a great one to start with. The book just flows along at a great pace. It’s never boring, never slow. Dead Radiance is a great adventure that kept me riveted from start to finish.” – Michelle (Book Briefs) Read the Amazon review.

“Sick of vampires and angels? Why not try Dead Radiance with VALKYRIES, and Norse mythology – a nice change from your standard YA paranormal fare. … This is a strong first release, and a great start to a series exploring new territory. If you are looking for something new, definitely check this novel out.” J.C. Hart (Just One More Page) Read the Amazon review.

“T.G. Ayer is a writer that fills me with joy and a sense of pride because her passion for norse fantasy comes out like a box of fireworks through every word, sentence and page of this book. It’s that passion which really makes the many plot twists full of suprise, each character unique and special, and the whole story inspiring and exciting to read.” – Rebecca Wilson (The Fantasy Guide)  Read the full review.

“TG Ayer has created an unforgettable heroine in the young Bryn, a heroine that girls can look up to, women can respect, boys can think her kick-ass and men can want a woman that strong at their side. This is no fragile young girl. This is a warrior.” Kim Koning (Goodreads) Read the Amazon review.

“Very very good book. I didn’t want to put it down. Awesome story lots of surprises. The ending left you hanging a little but it was a good ending. Great message of even when everyone thinks you can’t do it if you put your mind to it anything is possible. I can’t wait for the next book.” Amy (Goodreads) Read the full review.


 “Quick read that is well steeped in Norse mythology. Reminds me some of Norse Code by Greg Van Eekhout, I can’t wait to see the series flourish.”  Shai Unfiltered (Goodreads) Read the full review.


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