Wednesday Wonderings

1. 28k words done on my current MS#3- at the rate of about 3k a day – decided to up that to 4k since it really doesn’t make such sense sticking with a low goal when I’m supposed to be writing full-time…

2. on track to reach my mid July goal of completion on MS#3, *grin

3. Absolutely adore Bookdepository who delivered my order in less than one week despite ash cloud cover grounding flights out of NZ. Yay..

4. Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ : superb. Well recommended!! Go forth and purchase people…

5. Full of admiration for my Wonderful friend Leigh K Hunt – she knows why- If you want to know please follow the link – Living on the Edge

Thankful for:
Lovely non-writer friends who come and visit bearing chocolate cake!


Wednesday Wonderings

1. MS# 2 is finally completed. Now for revisions
2. MS# 3 in plot stage, just researching and filling in blanks before I start full on writing – with MS# 4 whispering sweet nothings in my ears…
3. Roll on June- no more EDJ – Yes my dream has come true- finally I will be writing full time, taking the writing bull by the horns…
4. realisation of Point 3 means I may not get to conference this year, but I think Warriors and Inklings will keep me company- I will survive!
5. making satisfactory headway with 2 critiques…. wonderful stuff!

Thankful for:
Supportive aunt – always cheering me on- thanks U!

And thankful for:
Cp’s who, in spite of migraines, hurt arms and profusely liquid flu’s, never stop helping!

Wednesday Wonderings

1. When the books tell you to write every day, then Write! Even when you are not in the mood. Had no inclination to write on Tuesday night but once I got started I ended up with 1300 words. Yay me! Now sitting at 82500 aiming for 90k for draft 1. Getting there…

2. Not fun creeping around the house at 2am trying not to stub my toes or wake anyone up. Usually unsuccessful, resulting in stubbed toes and grumpy mornings…

3. Lovely CP creeped me out at midnight when noises in her house creeped her out- I was soon looking at my front door sure I could see the darned thing opening very, very slowly. .. Mmmhh.. very very creepy… Dear husband, can we do something about that door- pleez!

4. Unhappy cos my iPod never posted any of my Tweets the whole week – sorry Tweetmates. Have learned to check these things now.

5. Cancun – will I ever visit you? Will I see you before Dec 2012? Ah well, didn’t think so.

Thankful for:

* I have a new nephew- all fresh and new to the world. So adorable. Love wee baby’s – u can tell my kids are teens right?

* family health scares which have had everyone so stressed are now at defcon zero- Phew.

* My family who love putting me in my place when i want to get domestic. ‘Go write, Mum.’ Love those words.

* On Writing by Stephen King – came in the mail – so excited to get stuck in…

Well folks, thats all for now – What have y’all been up to this past week? I shall be scarce for a while- this close to finishing my book I usually hole up and concentrate really really hard.. Will let you know if concentration works 🙂

The Little Engine that Could

As I sit here editing my NANO WIP, I can see how easy it is to get side-tracked by every little thing possible. It’s easy to find excuses to stop the edits, start a different project or go back to tinkering with another WIP.

Who said writing was easy? Someone ,somewhere probably. But, in saying that, there are parts of writing that are incredibly easy for some. Writing down your thoughts, putting a scene onto paper, easy. But stringing all those scenes together without mixing things up, forgetting what a character said in the last scene…

Frustration mounts as the difficulty increases. And that’s where it gets so easy to give up. When things begin to go uphill, and muscles need to be strained – the going gets tough. And the tough need to get going. Don’t flee. And if you feel like fleeing find your crit partner, a support person, a friend, a loved one.

Someone who will be there with a ready foot to give you that kick that you need. Like the little engine we could all do with a few friends to help push us up the incline and over the rise. Today, my critique partner made me take a good break- get my head out of my WIP and take a breather. It worked like a charm! Thanks Kim!

Like many authors I know, I like to retreat into seclusion when writing. Sure, I swat away the few intrusions when I am in the thick of it, but that’s good. It means I’m concentrating. But when I lift my head I like to have contact with other writers who understand what I am going through.

And just the simplest of contacts could give you the impetus to surge ahead, make some progress. Skype someone, read or write a blog, catch up with friends.

So remember, we are all little engines, and the only time we ‘can’ is when we have a helping hand – in whatever form they come….

The Why’s have it!

Ever wonder why we constantly trip ourselves up with endless questions? Is lingering self-doubt stepping on your toes? Is perfection clouding your vision? Can’t see the story or the storyline?

Kim, my lovely critique partner has brought me to my senses (along with a little help from my steadfast friend Marissa). Why am I writing in the first place? Fame? Fortune?

Not at all. Success for me would be publication. But join any writer’s circle and you will be bombarded by an endless array of milestones to be reached, curveballs to be hit. First comes the agent, then comes the publisher, then comes success and happiness in droves.

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t always happen that way but its the recipe, its where we start this crazy journey, one that we are totally out of our minds to start of on in the first place.

So my why for today is: Why do I feel this way? My MS and I have been having a tough time of it lately. A bit of a see-saw ride to be honest: YA or not YA, school or no school, urban fantasy or romance or… or..

So you get my dilemma. Why is this MS being so distant? Was it something I said? Maybe my Nano project has driven a wedge between us? Truth be told, I am in doubt Central. I’ve messed with this MS too much, too many edits, too many conflicting opinions, to much everything.

And this is something to watch for: The spice has gone out of this relationship. Time to take a step back, and regroup. Some distance may put things into perspective.

I am not about to throw in the towel though. Just need a bit of time to breath, think, re-energise.

What have I learned?

Know your Story before you write it- if you don’t it will become something totally different and before long you won’t recognise it anymore.

Too many edits can mess with the beauty of the story as well as your head! Know when to put on the edit brakes. Don’t edit the passion and character out of your WIP. Its uniqueness is what will attract your type of reader.

Listen to your heart – for it shall direct the hand that holds the quill! You know what you want to write- so write it, from the heart, and tell your head to butt out until you are satisfied.

And lastly – surround yourself only with those who support you- lose the naysayers or you will soon find yourself believing their vitriol only because it is human nature to think the worst of oneself. Don’t! You are the last man standing in this battle.

Writing is creativity, passion, love. Leave the why’s out of it!