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Hugin from the Valkyrie series


My rendition of HUGIN from the VALKYRIE series.

“The air-conditioner would have shut off hours ago and the room was stuffy. I stood by the window, looking out at the thick darkness of the park, at the slight movement in the branches of the nearest tree where Hugin waited.”


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A moment of clarity

I’m in a lull at the moment. With Fire released at last its a weight off my shoulders. Plus with Dead Chaos written and edits being finalised that’s another sorta-tick off my list.
We won’t go into the dead chaos cover except that it’s giving me a conniption. I’ll have an update on covers soon so look out for that post.
I’ve already begun writing Lost Soul – the second in the DarkWorld series – halfway through already and having good fun writing about a new world and new creatures.
So why the lull you ask? I’m not sure. It’s one of those moments of clarity I think. When everything slows down and you can see the world so clearly.
I’ve always been a bit of a loner, an outskirts person. I think a lot of writers are this way, the observer, the watcher, the people scientist. It gives you the opportunity of observation, to watch conversations and interactions between people. Some people are so good at social subterfuge but its always been a curse that I can pick up on it no matter how subtle. It would be good to turn it off now and then and just go with the social flow but that’s not going to happen, right?
So I’d best get on with it… Dead Chaos to the editor, Lost Soul written and then maybe I’ll start writing the second Kali book Blood…

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A new novel beckons: Curse of the blinking cursor

A new novel beckons: Curse of the blinking cursor

Every so often I encounter the blank page. More so when I’m about to embark on a new project. And every single time (and even though I now have 6 completed novels written) it affords me the same sense of excitement mixed with a dash of oh-my-god-how-am-I-going-to-finish-this! It’s just so much of blank emptiness that needs to be filled that’s so easy to make a writer doubtful.

I’m busy outlining Lost Soul, the second book in the DarkWorld series. It’s so much fun playing with characters and scenes, defining motivations and refining plot lines. But once it’s done, the next step is to open up that document and face the blinking cursor.

Breaking it Down
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s upwards of 90 thousand words, roughly 100 hours of writing time for me. that’s a huge job to face down. Breaking it down into manageable bits makes it feel less daunting, makes the task seem less insurmountable.

If I’m concentrating on one particular project I like to set a goal, maybe 5000 words per day. If I don’t hit that goal I readjust my numbers as I write but I keep track. I’m a spreadsheet nut so I love drawing up a list of days with my targets, actuals and running totals. Watching my progress keeps me in line, makes me want to hit my target and makes the ginormous job so much easier to complete.

The Mid-novel Slump
Some writers have this problem and although I called it the mid novel slump, we tend to experience this slump at different times for different projects. Some writers hit the one third mark and sit back frustrated because it suddenly feels like you’re running on empty. I usually reach this point at around 60K. The end is in sight and yet finishing seems like I’m climbing the steepest mountain.

At this point I am often tempted to begin my revisions, and sometimes this has worked. I’ve gone back, tightened the plot, fixed plot holes and motivations which may make the final 30k much easier to write.

Sometimes this is a bad idea, mainly because it’s a reason to keep fiddling and never finish the novel. This is an especially frustrating problem for new writers so I’d suggest newbies don’t take this route, just write to done and then revise.

If you don’t have a problem finishing, if you don’t fall into the cycle of fix fix fix without reaching the end, then going back to revise may be a good thing for both you and your novel. It gives me the opportunity to read what I’ve written, to remember the cool stuff I wrote, to refine those awesome story threads that I may have forgotten (believe me this happens pretty often) as I’ve been barrelling along meeting my daily wordcount goals without a backward glance.

For now I’m rounding up Dead Chaos (Valkyrie #3) and plotting Lost Soul (DarkWorld #2) and maybe I’ll throw in a revision for Seals of Hades (Irin #1). Let’s see how things go…

Writing in the face of Pain

Against the will of my body I am making progress on the edits of Fire. To say its been a struggle is a bit of an understatement. I know what it’s like to not be in the mood to write, but to be all fired up and ready to and be unable to write is frustration tenfold.

My daily choice is simple. Medication for pain which makes me drowsy and useless, as morphine does…lol. Or pain in all its debilitating glory which makes for decidedly slow editing and writing progress. I’ve manned up a good few times, refused the peace of pain relief and muddled through the first two rounds of my edits.

There’s a lot to do when you get your MS back from your editor and I hope I’m doing an acceptable job of it. I do up to three passes. One to accept easy fixes and suggestions. The second round is deeper, looking at suggestions that either didn’t sit right (insert ego here) or suggestions that means a change needs to be layered through or removed from the MS.

The last round is the final check, going deeper, looking at how the story works, how the prose works, and basically to make sure I like what it seeing. Usually the 3rd pass is quick. They were for my previous novels. Not so with Fire. And not for lack of trying.

I’m chugging along and I’ll get there. Here I have to say kudos to any writer who writes in the face of pain. Pain is debilitating and creativity destroying and emotionally taxing so hats of to all you amazing scribes out there creating and producing your stories in its of pain.

And if you aren’t a writer you still rock…life is tough and pain is an unwanted hurdle so if you have the strength to thumb your nose at debilitating pain then you’re simply awesome.

Fire, edits and Quickoffice Pro HD

It’s an overcast rainy day here in Auckland, been raining most of the night so it seems we are in for a very wet winter season. But yeah, if you live in Auckland you’re pretty much used to the rain.
A few minutes ago I was debating whether to read or to get back to my edits on Fire. Because I’m in recovery after a pretty bad 36 hour headache I really want to just curl up on the couch. With the fact that I recently downloaded Quickoffice Pro HD for my iPad I don’t have much of a choice at all. So now I’m curled up on the couch editing.

I pretty much can’t live without my ipad. Just this morning DH suggested I have it surgically attached to me … Lol, isn’t he just too funny?

About six months ago I went searching for an app that would allow me to edit on my iPad, making things a little more comfortable for me at the height of my edits. I discovered Cloudon and downloaded it happily. It’s clunky, and slow, but allowed me to use track changes so I could crit my CPs work and do my edits in bed, on the couch or at the coffee shop.

But on Wed I received an email from Cloudon thanking me for being part of their trial process (wish I’d known it was a trial??) and offering me the opportunity to use the track changes feature from now on for a price. $38.99 per year, about 4 bucks a week or just under $2 a day. What? Really? And they intended to begin charging users the very next day. Not much notice there guys…

So Cloudon put a serious kink in my plans as I was going away for a couple of days and intended to work mostly on my CPs manuscript which had a deadline (which I’d already missed but Mel so kindly gave me an extension. Isn’t she just awesome?)

So, fuming, I searched the iPad apps, found Quickoffice Pro HD and downloaded it immediately. Trigger happy, wasn’t I? Not really. With QO Pro HD at $24.99 for the app (For ever) common sense said I didn’t have much of a choice, duh! I happily paid for it, and will happily pay for upgrades in the future. Why should I (or anyone else) pay $38.99 per year for something we can pay $24.99 for outright. Did Cloudon not do their research? Market analysis? Maybe there is some reason they think they are justified in their charges but seriously, I do prefer the QO app. It’s neater, the track changes are easy to use and the program is not slow. Cloudon otoh, looks a lot like the actual Word doc but was slow to scroll, clunky, and reload took too much time.


So, I’ve left Cloudon for something much better and easier to use.
What does this mean?
It means I no longer have a reason to not edit, simply because I can relax on the couch and edit. It also means I can work more… Haha…bet DH would love to hear me say that.

Now for something a little more fun… My lovely design consultant Leigh has been playing with title fonts of the Fire cover as it gets closer to full reveal.


Maya is giving me a run for my money too. This book is coming along, and I’m having so much fun with gods and demons, magic and fight scenes. And, horror of horrors, I had to delete two chapters! But seriously it’s not bad at all. Doing so will tighten the manuscript and keep the story moving. (Remembers editors comments on moving the story along, and chuckles) Thank goodness I’m not the kind of writer who faints at the thought of killing her darlings.

I’m hoping to have all edits done by end of June with an early to mid July release. I may announce the release date when I do the full cover reveal *crosses fingers

Now, back to editing on the couch…

So tell me…
Do you use an iPad to work?
What apps do you find awesome to use?
Do you like to relax and work like me or are you a work is work and relax is relax kind of person?

A Thank You Note to my Readers

Another year has passed, and I am a year older for it. But what a good time to count your blessings, to seek out the things you cherish the most, to profess your gratitude to those who help you to be who you are. In the spirit of
Dear Readers,
I say ‘Thank You’ a lot. And it’s such an overused term that it often gets to the point when ‘Thank You’ is just another phrase. But every time I say it, I mean it. I really mean it.
So I want to say it again. Thank you to you, the reader.
Thank you for loving my covers and raving about Bryn’s bad-ass expression – every time I see a reader proclaim their love for my cover it makes my heart soar. All that time spent studying it, tweaking and fixing and changing it, it kinda makes it all worth it.
Thank you for loving my writing. No matter how many times a reader comments on how much they appreciate or love my writing style, my words, my prose or how they laughed and cried as they read Bryn’s tale, every single time makes me feel blessed and makes me want to write more. So that I can create more stories for my readers to enjoy.
To the readers who adore my characters. I love that you see something in each and every character in my stories. I love that everyone has different favourites.  I love how you make my characters as real as they are to me.
To the readers who demand the next book like NOW. I simply adore you. You make me want write and write until the next book is written, you make me want to beg and plead with my publisher to get my book out there instantly because my readers just want it!
To the readers who email me to profess their love (or hate) for Aidan (poor dude catches major flack), and the ones who email to say that Bryn inspired them to be different and helped them to recognise their own inner strength, and the ones who say I have stirred a new passion within them for Norse Mythology and they are now buying books on Odin and Loki because the internet is just not enough, and the ones who email asking when is the next book coming out and what happens to [insert fave character here]- I love you all. Thank you for taking the time to connect with me, for taking the time to tell me how you feel and to share your thoughts and feelings with me – I am honored beyond words.
In short – Thank you!
And I promise, every time I say thank you I say it with a smile, and a little warm and fuzzy feeling.
Because without you, my readers, I am just someone who writes stories.
With you, I am someone who writes stories that people love.
And that makes it all so very worth it.
All my love,

Proper Care and Feeding of your Writer Friend – Tips and Guidelines

Proper Care and Feeding of your Writer Friend – Tips and Guidelines

Tips and Guidelines on ensuring your Writer friend receives a regular dose of social activity, not to mention the importance of food.

Social activity is important. It helps stimulate brain activity. Unfortunately, the Writer seems to have a chemical imbalance that enables her* to function on dangerously low levels of social activity. In addition, Writers also suffer from an over-production of a strange (and as yet un-identified) hormone that convinces the Writer that food is not required. In the long term these imbalances can sometimes prove detrimental to a Writer’s long-term health. Below are some activities which you could use to help care for and feed your Writer friend.


Writers possess a strange ability, also known as the power to shut out the world. This is a debilitating trait that can sometimes lead family and friends to wonder if the Writer has expired and her remains are frozen before her keyboard gathering dust and stinking up the place. When you do call, be prepared for the Writer to sound distracted- as if she’s just put milk in her steam iron, or added orange juice to her coffee.

Give her time to get into the conversation – be aware that once she has readjusted to the social nature of your call she may talk your ear off, but seriously, it’s well worth the effort. Ensure you insert at least five reminders to eat.

Coffee Date/Dinner/Drinks

More often than not, the Writer does not know what’s best for her (I know, isn’t that a shocker?). Despite what a Writer may think, it is crucial for her to be exposed to fresh air and sunshine from time to time. Be aware that most Writers will shy away from such activities- they are akin to vampires in their dislike of The Out**. However, knowing what is best for the writer will give you an advantage in such a situation.

Go well prepared. Go in numbers if necessary. A crowd is much more convincing for a Writer so this will give you the upper hand in order to subdue her. Be prepared for there to be pyjama’s. The Writer’s need to work precludes the necessity to change out of nightwear, especially when gripped by the early morning urge to write down whatever crucial story developments have occurred through the night. Be prepared to wait while the Writer showers and changes, and be prepared to send her back to her wardrobe to change out of her old tracksuit and even older trainers. Demand that she prettify herself- believe me this will work wonders even if you find yourself dealing with a grumpy writer- the resistance is inevitable but will dissipate in due course, and more than likely the Writer will appreciate your efforts. Do not be afraid to be bossy, and demanding. Taking no for an answer in this situation will give you one hundred percent positive results. Also, will the promise of food.

Warning: ring up the Writer’s significant other just to check if you are not appearing on the Writer’s doorstep the day before a super-important deadline. Skipping this step may result in turning the semi-sane Writer into a babbling, hair-pulling, drooling mess, and you may have to leave in a real hurry to avoid jailtime for inflicting stress induced insanity.

Bring the Mountain to the Writer

On the rare occasion that the Writer is unable to leave the house for extended periods ie the next day deadline situation discussed above, I am happy to advise that there is an alternative method you can use to give the Writer a breather.  If the Writer cannot go to the mountain coffee then the coffee shall cometh to the mountain Writer. Yes, my suggestion is bringeth the coffee.

Takeout coffee and sticky pastries, or just bring something chocolatey and rummage in the Writers pantry for coffee. Chocolate to a writer is like a banana to a monkey, or a peanut to an elephant (disclaimer- there are some of the Writer species to whom chocolate & coffee do not appeal, scientists are currently studying specimens of this variety to further understand this anomaly).


Knowing the Writer’s taste in entertainment will help with this suggestion. Entice the writer to leave her writing/editing cave with a movie somehow related to the novel she is currently writing/editing. If your Writer prefers to work to music, investigate her tastes and entice her out of the house with her favourite rock/pop band concert or a classical performance she would enjoy.

Again, be prepared for a little resistance but it has been discovered that anything with a link to the actual writing process is a powerful tool to ensure the Writer remains in touch with society. Also, ensure that some part of this activity includes the ingestion of food. The Writer may, on occasion, request chocolate instead. Please resist the urge to comply. Contrary to a Writers opinion chocolate is not food.


There are times, more for the single writer, where food is completely extraneous to a Writers existence. PB&J is not recommended for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One cannot survive on a diet of PB&J and chocolate. With this in mind, one of the kindest things you can do is to bring a meal to the Writer (either home cooked or takeout works just as well).  You will, of course, have The Writer’s undying gratitude. She may even offer you her first born. (Warning- acceptance of this boon is entirely at your own risk as you may well know how that will end.)


  • Writers are human- this may be hard to believe but it is a scientifically proven fact***, do not doubt this.
  • Writers need to eat – use this as a bargaining tool
  • Writers can be flexible- sometimes they just need to be reminded
  • Writers have feelings- never leave a writer alone because you assume she is too busy for you, more often than not you will be wrong
  • Writers are strange- yes, writers are strange creatures, but handle them with care and you will never have to fear being killed off in your Writer friends next novel****

If you use any of the above suggestions in the Care of you own Writer Friend, I would love to hear from you.

* Writers exist in both male and female form. For ease of writing this article, the feminine form has been used. No offense to the male of the species is intended.

** The Out- a term created by Editor Annetta Ribken– All Hail the Cookie Queen!

*** We do not condone human or writer experimentation. No writers were harmed – either physically or emotionally- in the study.

****This is not a threat. Not really… 😉

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Writing Quirks and Must Haves

Until I thought about it I hadn’t realised that I do have a few ‘writing quirks’. Amazing what you figure out when you are forced to examine your process.

To start off with, I always need a good pen- my favourites is a LAMY Ballpoint – a gift from my dear friend Kim.

Because I am so easily distracted by emails, the Facebook and the Twitter, I prefer to go through them before I start writing, otherwise it will just bug me and mess with my concentration.

Part of my routine is to chat with my 2 writing buddies Patti and Cassie- we chat several times a day every day on Skype- have word wars and sometimes do butt-kicking duty

I must have my chap-stick right beside my keyboard; I hate having to get up and go look for it. – No, I’m not lazy, just focused!
A bottle of water- absolutely necessary. Gotta rehydrate people! Well, to be honest if I don’t have the bottle right in front of me, I will forget to drink water too- yup, its that bad!

I usually make my lunch when I prepare the family lunches every morning. So it’s all wrapped and ready to eat when lunchtime comes around. If I have to do more than unwrap and chew then I get annoyed and might not eat lunch at all- which is definitely a bad thing.

A pair of fingerless gloves in winter.

Writing music- During the day, when the house is empty I write without music, unless the neighbours are yelling or annoying me with their own loud music or screaming kids. Then I use my music to drown them out. Once my girls are home, and because my ‘study’ is located in my lounge, I drown out extraneous sounds by sticking my earphones in my ears. Of course, when I am writing an intensive action or emotional scene I listen to Linkin Park or Daughtry or Melody Gardot- whatever suits the scene.

Editing music –  When I am editing, my music preference is different. When I first started writing I used to listen to a playlist of all the Coldplay CD’s I owned. Now, for some reason, I always use that CD to edit to. It’s calming, and not intrusive enough to mess with my concentration while I edit.

I don’t snack while I write, amazing ideas come to me in the shower and I have an aversion to my treadmill which happens to occupy space in my study and which I just happen to not use on a daily basis. And that’s it as far as I can think of.


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Do Author’s Personal Opinions always reflect in the Characters they Create?

A friend of mine recently asked me a question that gave me more perspective on my characterisations than I’d expected. It also made me ponder how a reader reads, and what part of my character impacts on a reader. Do all readers assume that a characters opinions, motivations and actions are an extension of the authors own personal standpoints.

Bryn’s strength

Bryn Halbrook

I have to admit that there are parts of Dead Radiance that are truly an extension of my own personal opinion. My heroine is not a wilting miss, waiting for her knight to rescue her. She has a tough life, but she’s strong even if she takes a while to figure it out. She is able to trust even if she thinks she shouldn’t or couldn’t. She is able to believe things that her experience and knowledge tells her is improbable, even impossible. A kickass heroine that figures out that love may be awesome, the dude may be hot, but that she herself is the hero of her own story.


Nows this is my opinion- that men and women can find strength in themselves even when they are convinced they have none, that a kids can stand up for themselves even if somewhere deep down they don’t half believe they are worth it. That despite being a friend, and a girlfriend, a wife, a lover, a father, a mother, sister, son, brother or a daughter, that no matter what you are at whatever time in your life you find yourself- You are your own person and you are numero uno. It’s not to say you cannot be self-sacrificing, all it means is that strength and belief in your SELF comes from the realisation of self worth. And we are all worth it.

Characters speak


When I write, and I am sure this is the way for most writers, my characters tell me who they are. The feisty chick tells me she does not believe in herself. The b*tchy cheerleaders says she hotter and sexier and can’t stand the little nobody’s in school who have the audacity to think that are better than her. The dedicated geneticist is convinced that splicing ancient DNA with his own is a totally acceptable thing to do. The arrogant jock tells me he likes to beat up innocent girls and that’s okay because they damn well deserve it. The loner biker dude tells me he does what his father tells him to, no matter who he hurts in the process.

A special synergy with each character

Within the cast of characters in Valkyrie series, I, as an author, have to juggle fifty to a hundred different characterisations. Perhaps a single quality in each character however good or bad, might be my own, but there is a large contingent who would never be like me (lol- I ain’t no b*itchy cheerleader- never was and never will be) but I can understand aspects of her- her need to be loved, her vanity. There is more to her than meets the eye but the character knows that and I have to listen to what he/she tells me. I have to respect each characters motivations, history, experience and opinions. They are who they are, and all hell usually breaks loose if I try to mould them into something they are not.

Message vs Interpretation

Sometimes the author is sending a message – political, social or personal. Freedom, equality, respect, tolerance, empathy.

And sometimes what you see is what you get. The story is the story. End of story 😉

But, in the end, as a reader, it is your prerogative to make the connections, between the character, the story and yourself. To see the moral of the story, to identify the conflict as it applies to your own personal views and experiences.

We just write the stories. You must now enjoy them the way you want to.

Happy reading.

Why Norse Mythology?

The Valkyrie Novels

This is a question I have been asked many times in the last few weeks, since my Valkyrie Novels were accepted by Evolved Publishing. The first book in the Norse Mythology based YA series is DEAD RADIANCE. Now, Western mythology is fairly popular, fairly recognizeable too – Greek, Roman, Irish, Egyptian and Norse. And seeing that I am a mythology fan I knew I wanted to write in this vein. What better way to explore the myths, to research the gods and goddess, to immerse myself in something I loved.

Egyptian Mythology and the tale of ISIS

My first instinct was to pen a tale of ancient sorcery set in Egypt- yup you guessed it, I adore Egyptian mythology. (Little known fact: When I was eleven I was a nerd and a history buff and (for the life of me I still haven’t figured this out) seemed to bear some resemblance to the girl in the old TV series ISIS. Perhaps it was the glasses that did it.. Anyhoo .. there are certain people that, to this very day, refer to me as ‘Isis’. – they know who they are 🙂

What if a girl discovers she is a Valkyrie? Cool Story!

I didn’t particularly want to do a retelling so I ended up with a ‘what-if’. What if a modern teenager discovers she is a Valkyrie, that she has the power to tell a warrior apart from your average dude (or dudette since warriors are never just boys). What does she do when her heart is broken? Does it break like a normal human’s heart, can she forgive him? And what about the wings! What must it be like to fly? And to kick major butt? ‘Cos yes, my heroines are kick-ass!

YA Readers, Angels, Vampires and Fairies

YA readers love angels and vampires. And I’m guessing it’s a lot to do with the mystery, the impossibility of it all that appeals to the reader. Paranormal/Urban Fantasy readers are interested in an escape, they crave the mystery of new worlds, the deliciously intangible super-human beings – faeries, angels, vampires.

The attraction of the Unknown

For thousands of years folk have delved into the unknown, explored the inner workings of the human mind, identified reasons for the seasons, for the sunrise and the tides, for eclipses and volcanoes and tsunami’s.

Where do humans come from, how are mountains created, how does the moon hang suspended in the sky? Every culture across the globe has their own set of stories or myths or folktales to explain the hows and the whys of human existence. Explanations that evolved over time into full-blown complex sets of mythologies, each adapted to weather, environment and social structure. It’s to do with social interaction, prejudice, politics and control. And it’s about love and hate, what we can control and what we can’t, what we can explain and what remains inexplicable to this day.

So we have Norse Mythology?

So I decided to travel for a while with Odin, perhaps I will learn a little more about the one-eyed, lightning god who is more human in his complexities than most gods in Western mythology. Perhaps I will understand the fickle nature of Loki and maybe he will tell me why he is so mercurial in nature. I would love to take a walk with Thor – he’s a hottie in anyones imagination, MARVEL or otherwise, and he could teach me to throw that hammer of his. And what of Freya and Baldur, Fenrir and Frigga? What stories will they tell me? What secrets will they reveal? Perhaps they could tell me why humanity is the way we are, as fickle in nature as the gods themselves, as stubborn and courageous, and as loyal and cruel.

What tales could the dragons and giants, the elves and dwarfs tell me? I will be sure to share their secrets with you if you are happy to listen

So perhaps you could stop by and spend some time with me within the pages of Dead Radiance. It is Bryn’s story. The tale of a girl who saw nothing in herself until she realised she had everything, a girl who is a Valkyrie but recognises that she is nothing without her humanity.