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Retribution 🔥

Haven’t read(Retribution: The Irin Chronicles #1) yet?

After a thousand years, things are beginning to fall apart for angel Evangeline.

Her mentor is near death.

Her new boss, Marcellus, is obsessed with bronze disks and dead demons.

And Evie is feeling guilty having just wiped another demon off the face of Haven\’t read the series yet?the earth.

So Evie does what Evie does best.

And when an enigmatic albino demon with dreadlocks and a potent angel allergy reveals the true nature of the disks, Evie must do everything in her power to keep Marcellus away from them.

It should be simple.

Stop Marcellus from obtaining all the Seals of Hades

Stop him from becoming the next ruler of the Underworld.

But as usual, everything is not as it seems, and Evie is thrust headlong into a race against time; to save her own life and that of the uber-hot Julian; current ruler of Hades.

And everything hangs in the balance; her life, her destiny, and her dreams.

Nothing will ever be the same again.


Haven’t read the series yet?



Skin Deep Review Tour – Kailin Odel Character Profile


SD Tour BannerELIZA DUSHKU as Kailin

Eliza Dushku is my inspiration for Kailin Odel, from both Buffy and Angel days and a little of her Tru Calling character. She’s feisty, stubborn, bad-ass as it gets and that’s what I love about Kailin. Kailin is carrying a deep emotional pain (her mother abandoned her and her family when Kailin was two). In the leadup to Skin Deep and through the story Kailin is trying to deal with this abandonment and the ramifications of her mother’s absence in her life. All Kailin ever wanted was to be loved- something that’s hard to get from a father who still nurses the hurt of his wife’s departure.

Kailin is a complex character. She wants to be strong and yet she desperately need to be taken care of. She wants her independence but she longs for her family’s involvement in her life. She falls into Wraith hunting when she arrives in Chicago and discovers she has the ability to see track the soul-sucking monsters by the coral residue they leave behind. She watches and learns and soon knows how to fight them how to kill them. She’s a shifter on a monster hunting mission.

And the only person who’s been able to throw her for a loop is the oh-so-sexy Logan Westin. He’s so wrong for her – he’s Human and he’s a cop, two superb reason she should run as far as her panther legs can carry her. But the attraction is intense, and the two are on a course for a sizzling head-on collision.

Join Kailin as she hunts down a vicious killer, as she gets closer and closer to the truth about her mother, and as she tries to learn do whats always been the hardest…trust.


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A Vampire, a Werewolf and an Angel walk into a bar…

Guest Post by Patti Larsen
I wanted to revisit the conversation I had with my dear friend TG Ayer about the sequel to Dead RadianceDead Embers. She mentioned she really wanted to include werewolves in it as part of the plot but was concerned that doing so would be an issue. After all, werewolves are so done, aren’t they?

That got me to thinking. Who says? Sure there are tons of vampire novels out there. Weres in the form of wolves, cats, you name it, books by the score. Angel novels are coming out the proverbial yin-yang. So writing yet another tired, boring story about said content is, say it with me, tired and boring.

I beg to differ.

Think about it. Do we get bored writing about teen girls and the troubles they find themselves in at school? Do we grow weary of another fantasy world built on medieval society and dragon slaying? Are we blase about yet another thriller in which the killer turns out to be the last person we expected? Of course not. As long as they are well written.

See, I think the real point is, it has nothing to do with the fact the character is a werewolf, vampire, angel, serial killer, nerdy teen girl, etc. That’s missing the whole issue. We read those books because we love the people themselves.

So if we dissect what it is we’re really tired of, it’s not the fact the lead character is a vampire–but that he’s the same vampire with a different name we’ve read about over and over again from other authors. Just like we might get tired of a plucky female police detective so stereotyped that she feels uber familiar, to the point where we’re rolling our eyes.

The key is to make sure the characters are always real. Always. To write the authentic core of who they are. What they are is secondary. Yes, being a were effects how a teen boy acts. Of course it does. But who is he first? Who was he before he was bitten? Does it make him stronger or weaker? Guilt ridden or driven to succeed?

It’s time to reexamine not the genre or the illness or the feathered bent. The most memorable characters, the ones those weak copycats are based on, come from truth, no matter who they are, because they are always true to their motivations and have a story to tell in a voice that can’t help but move us.

The lesson I take from it then is stop trying to write what others want or don’t want and be honest with your characters. They, at least, will never steer you wrong.

So, a vampire, a werewolf and an angel walk into a bar…