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Demon Bones: A sexy Djinn, A rebel alliance and a world that needs saving yet again

Mel and her team are running out of time to extract Saleem from Mithras, realm of the mystical and powerful Djinn and the clutches of Omega and Division 7 in DEMON BONES SOULTRACKER 6.

Mysteries and secrets abound, new alliances formed, dangerous sacrifices to be made and don’t forget to keep an eye out for characters from the SKINWALKER SERIES.

1st Excerpt Follows:


All his life Saleem, Crown Prince of Mithras, had been taught that fire was neither friend nor foe. Whoever had come up with that piece of prized bullshit should be drawn and quartered.
Maybe even hanged. And then burned alive.
No. Wait. That wasn’t right.
Saleem frowned as he chased after the thoughts that had flitted into his head so briefly. Something about the logical progression didn’t compute, didn’t feel…right.
But, for the life of him, he couldn’t recall exactly what about the thought was illogical. And for that matter, he was no longer entirely certain what it was he’d been thinking of…. Something about burning flames….
Suspended from a pair of manacles fixed high on the stone wall behind him, his head hung forward, shoulder-length black hair providing an oily curtain to at least partly obscure his face–and the frown he’d briefly allowed himself.
But any reprieve from his torture was predictably short-lived.
Saleem let out a ragged—though near-imperceptible—breath, allowing the heated air to slip between his lips as slowly as possible, so slowly that neither of the guards watching over him would register his wakefulness.
Given that Saleem’s current residence was a cold, damp cell in the furthest corner of the dungeons that sprawled beneath the ancient palace of Temara, the presence of the guards was redundant at best.
And yet, every time Saleem had been brought to the cell in the last two days, Agent Blake–or Nevins as he was called in his youth–had instructed them to stand just inside the doors, and to act upon even the slightest of movements, reminding Saleem that not only was he a captive in his own home, with his freedom of movement around the city taken from him, but that he was no longer allowed the liberty to blink or swallow, or breathe for that matter.
He’d learned quickly enough to hoard away his strength between sessions with Omega’s mindmelder Ward, knew the mage would—with his insistent torture—reduce him to little shreds of himself before the man was satisfied his ‘treatment’ was over for the day.
And now, on returning to full consciousness, Saleem had a suspicion he knew what those elusive thoughts contained—probably something regretful, and very likely filled with anger. Both were a waste of time because neither regret nor fury would free him from his bonds.
Stupid. So very stupid.
Saleem had been so naive coming home, returning to Mithras with the belief that his brother would be glad to see him, imagining that Rizwan would sigh with relief that his big brother had returned.
Even more pathetically, he had held onto the hope that Riz would be eager to help Saleem devise a plan to free both themselves and their realm from the chokehold placed upon them by Omega and Division 7—in his opinion one and the same thing.
But he’d been wrong. So utterly wrong.
Rizwan’s brotherly arms had been neither welcoming nor loving.
The memory, and the emotions accompanying it, sent Saleem’s jaw tight, the tensing of muscles eliciting a pang of concern—and a brief flicker of regret—before rock hard knuckles slammed into his face.
Pain flared, lightning strikes searing through his jaw and temple, and settling within his brain. The pain didn’t abate—not that he’d expected it to. A special gift from the mindmage Ward—the man’s exact words.
He’d fiddled within Saleem’s mind, tweaked a little here, adjusted something there, ensuring every experience of pain, from a flicker of a throb to searing agony ripping into his very soul, would be amplified, and would last ten times longer—and Saleem was using the estimate of ‘ten times’ in the loosest of terms.
The mindmage had been especially proud to find he’d succeeded, had hovered over Saleem, snickering and muttering self-praise that he’d achieved what most mindmages considered a difficult task—to reduce a powerful djinn to a mewling mess. Albeit temporarily.
Ward had been right of course—he had succeeded. But only so far as Saleem allowed him to. A djinn was powerful, and djinn-fire was an unknown quantity to most mages, even more so to non-djinn mages.
But though Saleem despised the idea of being the perpetual punching bag, resident lab-rat, and the daily focus of his brother’s scorn, he’d bided his time, enduring the torture, holding out hope that help would come, help for both himself and his people.

PREORDER DEMON BONES (SoulTracker 6) releasing 9TH APRIL 2019

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Oh, and be warned… More series coming soon!


LOST SOUL Release Day

LOST SOUL – DarkWorld Book 2 has made it into reader’s hands at last. I had the most fun writing it and the most fun reading it too. And to be honest I’m very nervous because I enjoyed it so much I’m really worried about Last Chance and being able to write a book good enough to keep Lost Soul company. Kai was snarky and Logan was sexy, even Lily came out from under her moody-ass shell. Demon’s asses were kicked every which way and I had super fun writing it, action scenes and dialogue too.

I know I have to talk about delays and yes, Lost Soul was meant to release in November but I wasn’t well enough to edit it on time and then came Christmas and really, if you don’t take time to spend with your family what is the point of anything really. And trust me you guys want me to take care of this family ‘cos these are the people that make sure I am ok to write more of these books. I made a point of taking some time off although admittedly much of that time was spent being ill – I’ll try not to make it sound like its my favorite past-time okay.

Now, some good did come of the time off. New things are in the offing. Things as in books. Yes, a new series is in the making. It’s a DarkWorld Spin-off Series called the Soul Tracker Series – the first book is very unimaginatively named Soul Tracker – if you can come up with something more imaginative be my guest – post your suggestions in the comments and I will take them under advisement (seriously I will) This series is based on a new character who makes an appearance in the Lost Soul book so you will have to read Lost Soul to meet the Soul Tracker mwahaha! And be advised this series, as with the other DarkWorld books, is not Young Adult. They are for an older audience and contain older themes, more violence and more graphic themes.

So back to Lost Soul for now. LOST SOUL is on sale on AMAZON HERE for a discounted $3.99 until 5 FEB then it goes back to its normal price of $4.99 so go get it while its at its intro price.

Lost Soul Release Day Price Special 3-99

Isn’t it always fun with a party? Well we decided to have one over on our Facebook Page so come join us. There will be giveaways – swag and ebooks – so come see what’s happening.

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Paperback to follow – see Blog/Website for details – estimated release Feb/Mar 2014