Dead Radiance Playlist

Many storytellers use music to inspire their creativity, to support character development through the writing process, to set the mood of a scene allowing the right words to flow. On the other side of the coin are the readers who love to put music to the books they read, to imagine which song would be best for each heartbreak and each triumph their favourite characters experience.

I love to write to music. And I hate to write to music. It pretty much depends on the scene and my mood and probably even the moon – who knows! I use music when I feel the scene or the character needs a bit of backup. I only ever NEED music when I’m in dire need of drowning out the usual household cacophony – that’s when LP at full volume works wonders.
So, here it is:


1. Iridescent – Linkin Park

2. Bring Me To Life – Evanescence ft Linkin Park

3. Open up your eyes – Daughtry

4. Just a Kiss – Lady Antebellum

5. No ones listening – The Feelers

6. Hometown GloryAdele

7. My immortal – Evanescence

8. Weak and the wounded – The Feelers

9. No more sorrow – Linkin Park

10. Burning in the skies – Linkin Park

11. Trying to get by – The Feelers