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Wednesday Wonderings

1. When the books tell you to write every day, then Write! Even when you are not in the mood. Had no inclination to write on Tuesday night but once I got started I ended up with 1300 words. Yay me! Now sitting at 82500 aiming for 90k for draft 1. Getting there…

2. Not fun creeping around the house at 2am trying not to stub my toes or wake anyone up. Usually unsuccessful, resulting in stubbed toes and grumpy mornings…

3. Lovely CP creeped me out at midnight when noises in her house creeped her out- I was soon looking at my front door sure I could see the darned thing opening very, very slowly. .. Mmmhh.. very very creepy… Dear husband, can we do something about that door- pleez!

4. Unhappy cos my iPod never posted any of my Tweets the whole week – sorry Tweetmates. Have learned to check these things now.

5. Cancun – will I ever visit you? Will I see you before Dec 2012? Ah well, didn’t think so.

Thankful for:

* I have a new nephew- all fresh and new to the world. So adorable. Love wee baby’s – u can tell my kids are teens right?

* family health scares which have had everyone so stressed are now at defcon zero- Phew.

* My family who love putting me in my place when i want to get domestic. ‘Go write, Mum.’ Love those words.

* On Writing by Stephen King – came in the mail – so excited to get stuck in…

Well folks, thats all for now – What have y’all been up to this past week? I shall be scarce for a while- this close to finishing my book I usually hole up and concentrate really really hard.. Will let you know if concentration works 🙂