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Wings, Swords & Norse Gods

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Melissa Pearl Guest Post

My Favourite Valkyrie Character

By Melissa Pearl 

Now that is a tough one, because I like so many of them for so many different reasons.

 In Dead Radiance, I would have said Aidan. I totally fell for him in the first few chapters on the book. I could picture him pulling into Bryn’s driveway on his motorcycle and sauntering to the door. It was a delicious image and I couldn’t stop liking him after that. I felt like he was a really good guy at heart, just trying to do the right thing for Bryn. I liked that about him.

I also liked the banter between Bryn and Aidan. He was great for her.

 But then Dead Embers came along and the person who I kept gunning for was Josh. He was always such a nice guy, but he grew on me even more in the second Valkyrie novel. I think it’s because Ayer gave us a little more of him… she definitely gave me a reason to empathise with him and near the end, I began to wonder if she was building up to something more between Bryn and Josh in Book 3, Dead Chaos. It’s all speculation of course and my “feeling” could be completely off the mark, but I can’t WAIT to find out!!

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